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Digital Urban and Cityscape Photography

Garage 'Aerial' Photography

SUMMARY: Garages can provide you with 'aerial' vantage points for digital photos in a large city, but do not trespass.

Looking for ways to take 'aerial' photography of a large city without taking a helicopter ride or paying to stand in a skyscraper's observation deck?

One place you may have not thought about is a garage. A large parking garage with a high vantage point can provide great locations from which to take photos from high above street level. However, don't trespass, and don't arouse suspicion!

Bringing along a tripod or taking too long to frame a photo might raise the ire of security guards. Some places don't allow you to take photos altogether, and even if you pay for a parking spot, you might be considered a trespasser or possibly a security threat. So just take a few quick hand-held photos and move on as to not attract attention.

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