Disk Usage Utility

Graphically View Folder and File Usage with Directory Size

SUMMARY: Display bar and pie graphs of which files and folders take up the most room on your hard drives with Directory Size.

Running out of hard drive space on your Windows machine and want to know which folders / files may be the culprits? Or do you manage a network and need to ensure the file shares are not being used for large, non business-related files (i.e. movies and music files)?

One option you can use to determine file and folder usage is Moleskinsoft's Directory Size. This software can scan entire hard drives, showing in each folder which files are taking up the most room, complete with percentages and pie or bar charts. You can also see which folders take up the most room on a drive as a whole.

Directory Size displaying a report of which folders take the most room on the C:\ drive

Other reports include the numbers of files with particular extensions (useful if you are scouting for large multimedia files), files by ownership, and files by size. By navigating to the root folder and accessing the "Report" - "Including Subfolder" menu you can find the largest files on your hard drive, the largest folders, the total sizes of files with particular extensions, and more.

Note that scanning a drive, which is performed by clicking the "play" button, may take a while especially for drives with large amount of data. You can optionally filter the searches, only displaying files that match a particular file name mask, size range, or owner.

A trial download is available at the following address:

Directory Size: http://directorysize.moleskinsoft.com/

This tip was written regarding Moleskinsoft Directory Size 2.4 running on a Windows Vista machine. Features, instructions, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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