Disk Usage Utility Help and Tips

Hints and tips regarding utilities that show how hard drive space is used.

#1: Display a Directory Tree Representation of What is Taking Up Hard Drive Space
Find out why your hard drive is running out of space by scanning it with TreeSize Free.

#2: Shareware Folder and File Type Pie Chart Generator
DiskChart creates customizable 2D and 3D folder and file size pie charts based on folders and drives on your Windows system.

#3: Export Folder Contents to TXT or HTML for Printing, with ID3 Tag Support
PrintFolders generates TXT or HTML files containing lists of directory contents for later distribution or printing.

#4: Shareware to Display and Generate Detailed Reports
Directory Lister Pro can generate detailed file reports including columns for Microsoft Office document properties, multimedia file information, and executable details and file hashes.

#5: Detailed Hard Drive Usage via a GUI or Command Line
GetFoldersize is a freeware disk usage utility for Windows that also can be run at the command line to generate reports.

#6: Classify and Manage Files by Category
DiskSorter groups files into categories, allowing you to see how much room is used by audio files, images, or executables and scripts.

#7: Commercial Disk Usage Utility with Temporary, Duplicate File Reports
FolderSizes offers an impressive array of features including schedulable reports, multiple graph types, and multiple types of report exporting.

#8: Create and Export Lists of Files
wList lets you generate lists of files on your hard drive or portable media. Export the results to the clipboard, text file, or HTML.

#9: JDiskReport for Multi Platform Disk Reporting
JDiskReport is a multi-platform disk reporting tool that can display distributions of file sizes, types, and modification dates.

#10: Monitor Desktop or Server Hard Drives for Critical Usage Levels
Abaiko Disk Space Monitor provides alerts when hard drive usage is at a critical level, plus it sends e-mail usage reports.

#11: WinDirStat: Colorful Representations of Hard Drive Usage
WinDirStat for Windows offers multiple representations of hard drive usage to help you see what is taking up the most space. Includes support for network drives.

#12: Graphically View Folder and File Usage with Directory Size
Display bar and pie graphs of which files and folders take up the most room on your hard drives with Directory Size.

#13: Sniff Out what is Taking All Your Hard Drive Space
SpaceSniffer is a Windows program that graphically shows what files are taking up the most space on your hard drives.

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