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Search the web with the Dogpile metasearch engine. Tips on using Dogpile, viewing what others have searched for, searching through news articles, and more.

#1: Search for Images by Format, Color, and Size
Limit your Dogpile image searches by file type, colors, and relative file size.

#2: Include or Exclude Domains from Web Searches
Limit Dogpile searches to websites matching or not matching a particular domain.

#3: Display News From Sources in Particular States or Countries
Limit your search for news stories in Dogpile to sources in particular geographic areas.

#4: Attempt to Filter Adult Material from a Particular Query's Results
Attempt to filter more inappropriate content when using the Dogpile metasearch engine.

#5: Find Matching Images on the Internet
Use the Dogpile search engine to browse images on the web.

#6: Display Your Horoscope
Use Dogpile to display your daily horoscope.

#7: View Popular Search Queries
List some of the more popular searches made with the Dogpile metasearch engine.

#8: Search for Pages in Specific Languages
Find just webpages written in English, French, or Spanish with the Dogpile search engine.

#9: See What Others Have Been Searching For
Curious to see what others look for on the Internet?

#10: Search for People's Phone Numbers and Addresses
Display White Pages information with the Dogpile search engine.

#11: Search the web with Dogpile
Use Dogpile to query several search engines simultaneously for what you want or need.

#12: Search for News Items
Query multiple sources for the top news of the day.

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