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Electronic Mail
Help and Tips

Tips on recovering e-mail, choosing e-mail addresses, electronic mail attachments, dealing with e-mail hoaxes and scams. and electronic mail etiquette.

Windows Live Hotmail

Tips and advice on accessing and using the Windows Live Hotmail web-based electronic mail service.

#1: Send Attachments in Different Messages
Why it is beneficial to separate your e-mails from your e-mail attachments.

#2: Free E-Mail Providers
Websites that list where you can get even more free electronic e-mail Inboxes.

#3: Pros and Cons of Using Free Web-Based Email Providers
Thinking of using a free e-mail provider to handle your personal or business e-mail? Read this first.

#4: Is it a Hoax or is it Real?
Find out whether that e-mail you just received is actually an urban legend.

#5: Think That Attachment is From Your Friend?
Be VERY careful about electronic mail attachments - even if the sender seems to be a friend or family member! You need to read this tip.

#6: Top 7 Ways to Help Make Sure Your E-Mail Gets Read
Help prevent your electronic mail from getting automatically tossed into spam folders.

#7: Words to Avoid in E-Mail Messages
When sending e-mail, there may be some words you should avoid that can label your e-mail as spam.

#8: Joke Passing Etiquette
A few things to consider before passing jokes around via e-mail.

#9: Turn Off HTML When Responding to Mailing Lists
Respond to mailing lists in plain-text to avoid angering members.

#10: Be Careful with Social Network Invite E-Mails
Caution - be wary when receiving e-mails inviting you to join social networks, especially if you do not recognize the network name or sender.

#11: Set Up a Mail Folder for Mailing Lists
Filter your mailing list e-mails to a separate folder.

#12: What Country is That Sender From?
Help determine an e-mail's country of origin.

#13: How to Write HTML links in E-Mail
Write web addresses in e-mail messages that can be clicked.

#14: Remember, E-Mail Can Be Permanent
E-mail you send can have a very, very long shelf life.

#15: Visiting Web Addresses Found in Email
Find out a quick way to visit web addresses mentioned in e-mail if you are not able to just click the addresses from the e-mail messages.

#16: Never Send Passwords Via Email!
Why sending passwords by email is a huge security risk.

#17: Changing Addresses? Let Others Know
Planning on changing e-mail addresses soon? Here's what you should know.

#18: Remove Excess Quote Characters When Forwarding Messages
Make forwarded e-mail easier to read by removing quote characters.

#19: Don't Judge a Person By Their Email
A person's intelligence is not measured by one's e-mail.

#20: Avoid One-Word Subjects
E-mail with brief subjects may not get read.

#21: Don't Respond to Unsolicited Mail
Help keep even more junk mail from reaching your inbox.

#22: Mail Programs and BCC
Just what does BCC mean?

#23: Use Different Inbox For Contests
Keep your primary inbox from getting cluttered with advertisements.

#24: Can My Boss Read My Mail?
Be careful what you write in e-mail from your office.

#25: Return Receipts Don't Always Get Sent
Have you sent electronic mail, asking for a return receipt, and never got it? Here's why.

#26: Avoid All Caps
Please use mixed or all lower-case when sending e-mail.

#27: My Attachment Didn't Get Through
Reasons why e-mail attachments sometimes don't reach their destinations.

#28: Official-Looking Emails May Be Scams
Avoid getting caught by a phishing e-mail scam.

#29: Recovering Deleted Emails
Deleted some e-mail and you want to have it back? Recovering it is not an easy task, and sometimes it isn't possible. This tip, however, may provide some suggestions.

#30: Always Scan E-Mail File Attachments
Better safe than sorry - scan all e-mail attachments first!

#31: Watch For Filter Traps
Keep your e-mail from accidentally getting deleted.

#32: Free Greeting Cards
Send a greeting without paying for a stamp.

#33: Get Email Addresses that do not Change
Tired of changing your e-mail address every time you change Internet Service Providers? There is a way around this.

#34: Check your Email Address
Before signing onto an e-mail newsletter, make sure your address is correct.

#35: Always Give Your E-mail a Subject Line
Don't let your e-mail be accidentally labeled as 'junk' - give it a subject.

#36: Use a Signature File for E-Mail
How to add contact information at the end of your e-mail messages.

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