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SUMMARY: Recuva is a freeware file recovery software package for Windows that can scan your drives for deleted files.

"Lost" a file by accidentally pressing the Delete key? Recuvva from Piriform Ltd. may help you find it. Recuva can scan your hard drive(s), searching for files that have been recently deleted that it may be able to recover. Note that the more recently you deleted a file and the less work you have performed on a drive after the deletion, the greater the chances of recovery.

Simply check the boxes next to files you want recovered, click the "Recover" button, set the location to place the recovered files, and the tool does the rest. It will even warn you of trying to recover files to the same drive to where they were deleted, reducing chances of a successful recovery.

Recuva recovering content from a deleted Windows Live Mail message store

Configuration options include allowing you to search for files in hidden system directories, performing a deeper scan for possibly-recoverable files, and looking for non-deleted but possibly damaged files.

Recuva -

Note that when you install Recuva you will be given the option to install the Yahoo! Toolbar. You can uncheck the box if desired, so read the dialog boxes and don't just keep hitting "Next".

As with all file recovery software, results will vary based on many factors including whether a drive has been defragged, amount of computer use since the file was deleted, etc. Even if software claims to recover a file, information may be lost. Your results with this and all file recovery software may vary.

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