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Advanced Renamer for Windows

SUMMARY: Advanced Renamer is a free file rename package for Windows that supports batches of files from multiple directories.

Advanced Renamer is a freeware file renamer for Windows. You can rename individual files or files inside multiple directories simultaneously. File renames can be previewed and renames undone. The software should notify you if any errors occur during the batch renames.

Rename functions include creating new names (with optional random or incrementing numbers), changing file case, removing or replacing parts of the filename, adding parts to the name, and using a pre-existing list of filenames. You can also change file attributes as well as file timestamps (created, accessed, and modified times/dates). The software supports reading ID3 tags from MP3 music files (see the screenshot below for an example of renaming music from Smashing Pumpkins), as well as some EXIF tags from JPG photos taken by digital cameras. Plus, thumbnail previews of images are available while modifying renaming functions, though you may notice a small rendering bug when switching this view on and off (turning the grid off under "Settings" is a work-around).

Advanced Renamer using ID3 tags to rename MP3 files from "Smashing Pumpkins"

Advanced Renamer supports several languages including English, French, German, and Swedish.

Note that the software works on Windows 2000 and up, though Windows 7 support is not mentioned nor was it tested for this tip.

The software can be downloaded at the following site - note that a portable version is available:

* Advanced Renamer:

This tip was written regarding Advanced Renamer v2.57 on a Windows XP machine. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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