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Modify a File's Access, Creation, and Modification Date / Time with File Touch

SUMMARY: For programmers and system administrators - File Touch can modify a file's access, creation, and modification date / time.

When setting up a directory for automatic backups, developing software, or performing other administrative tasks, it might prove useful to be able to modify a file's access, creation, and or modification date / time. One option to handle this is "File Touch" from WinTestGear, accessible via the Windows GUI or DOS command prompt.

The software comes in a .ZIP archive containing one file - FileTouch.exe. If you wish to use this in batch files you may find it easier to unzip the archive into C:\Windows or another directory in your system or user path.

Running the software from the Windows GUI displays the following window:

Running FileTouch from Windows

From here you can select files or whole subdirectories to modify. Then select the new date and time and choose whether to modify the files' creation, modification, and/or access date/times.

To run File Touch from the DOS prompt, display a list of options with the following command:

filetouch -?

For example, the following command modifies the file test.txt, giving it access, creation, and modification dates of January 1, 2008:

filetouch test.txt 1/1/2008 -cma

NOTE that from the command line in some situations you might have to press Enter after FileTouch complete appears. When placed in a batch file this does not seem to be required.

File Touch can be downloaded from the following address:

* File Touch - WinTestGear:

This tip was written regarding File Touch v1.0.0.3, a third-party application. Features, information, and screenshots are subject to change.

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