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Utilities to aid in searching for files and folders on your system. Software packages may include advanced filtering options, the ability to search for text inside files, and the ability to export search results in a variety of file formats.

#1: FileLocator Pro for Windows
FileLocator Pro supports regular expression-based file searching and scanning inside multiple archive types. File results can be exported to HTML, XML, and other formats.

#2: neoSearch for Windows
neoSearch indexes your system and allows you to quickly find files as you type.

#3: Effective File Search for Windows
Search for files with a variety of parameters and create a batch file from the results.

#4: Perform Complicated File Searches and Searches via Batch File
Perform criteria-based file searches, duplicate file searches, search inside files, and even run automated searches via the command line with SearchMyFiles.

#5: Search and Replace Text in Multiple Files with Regular Expressions Support
The Windows freeware TextCrawler lets you modify text inside a group of files, supporting regular expressions with back references.

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