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SCR File Format

SUMMARY: Screensavers defined. Also contains links to websites where you can download screensavers.

The SCR file extension represents a Windows screensaver, the animations that may appear on your computer whenever it has not been used for a few minutes. Screensaver animations can be virtually anything from starfields to flying kitchen appliances to photos of your favorite travel destinations.

.SCR files must be located in a particular folder to be viewable. Most of the time they come with installer software that performs this task for you; some free screensavers, however, must be manually moved to the current folder. For example, in Windows XP, .SCR files must be placed in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder (or equivalent).

Some screensavers are free, others require payment, yet others are free for a limited time and then require payment. Here are some websites where you can download screensavers, listed for informational purposes only. Some of these sites produce their own screensavers; others list screensavers developed by third parties. - - - -

Tucows Screensavers -

Screensavers can perform virtually any task allowed by the computer. Thus it is important to only install screensavers from sources that you trust! While most screensavers are legitimate, malicious .SCR files can potentially contain viruses, spyware, or other types of malware. Be especially careful if you are sent a screensaver via electronic mail!

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