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File Extensions
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Explains DOS/Windows file extensions, how to view files of various extensions, and why unexpected file extensions can cause security risks.

#1: ZIP File Format
Zip archives defined, including how they are created and unpacked.

#2: Viewing File Extensions on Windows
Help protect yourself from accidentally opening rogue files by forcing Explorer to show all files' extensions.

#3: PNG File Format
A beginner's guide to the PNG image file format, often used as an alternative to lossy-compressed .JPG images

#4: JPG File Format
A beginners guide to JPG images, images compressed in a lossy-compression format.

#5: SCR File Format
Screensavers defined. Also contains links to websites where you can download screensavers.

#6: TMP File Format
TMP files are temporary files that can sometimes be safely removed.

#7: PPT File Format
PPT files are presentations (slideshows) created by Microsoft PowerPoint. This tip has links to free software that can view PPT files.

#8: TTF File Format
TTF files are TrueType fonts. This tip also includes websites where you can download TrueType (TTF) fonts.

#9: PSD File Format
PSD files are graphic files created by Adobe PhotoShop and other tools.

#10: REG File Format
Provides details of the .REG file format in Windows used by the Registry Editor.

#11: AIF / AIFF File Format
Explains .AIF / .AIFF files - audio files most often used on the Macintosh platform.

#12: CFG File Format
Information on the .CFG file format, normally a configuration file.

#13: CPL File Format
Some details about .CPL files, Windows Control Panel applets.

#14: RAR File Format
RAR archives defined. How they are packed and unpacked.

#15: What Are File Extensions?
File extensions defined. This tip explains what the usually three characters are for.

#16: PL and PM File Formats
A brief explanation of Perl scripts found in .PL and .PM files.

#17: BAK or BK File Format
BAK and BK files usually are backups of other documents or files.

#18: MID File Format
MID files represent MIDI music. Learn how to play and create these songs.

#19: TXT File Format
The TXT plain-text file format defined.

#20: ARC File Format
Explains what ARC files are. Although rarely-used nowadays, some may run across these archives.

#21: DOC File Format
This defines the DOC file format, usually word processing files created from WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.

#22: EXE File Format
The EXE executable (program) file format defined.

#23: LOG File Fomat
LOG files are usually text file logs of processes running on your machine.

#24: FNT and FON File Formats
Explains .FNT and .FON fonts and why they differ from TrueType fonts.

#25: 1ST File Format
The 1ST file format defined. These are usually text files with instructions to read before running software.

#26: ANI File Format
Defines .ANI files - Windows animated cursors.

#27: ASC File Format
Defines the ASC file format that normally represents text files.

#28: PDF File Format
Explains what PDF files are and how they can be created or read.

#29: Be Careful with Files Containing Multiple Extensions
Files with multiple extensions may be Trojan Horses waiting for you to open them and release their nefarious content. Be careful with these files.

#30: DAT File Format
Just what are .DAT files, and are they readable?

#31: AU File Format
AU files are audio files popular on the Solaris and Unix platforms.

#32: DIZ and NFO File Formats
Description files .DIZ and .NFO defined.

#33: BAT File Format
The BAT file format defined. These are batch files for MS-DOS or MS-Windows systems.

#34: BMP File Format
BMP files are uncompressed images, Windows bitmaps.

#35: WAV File Format
WAV files are audio files popular on the Windows platform.

#36: MOV File Format
A brief explanation of .MOV files - QuickTime multimedia.

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