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File Renamers
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Tips on how to organize files through the use of file renaming applications. Applications may support EXIF and MP3 tags, allowing for more automated renaming of photos and music.

#1: Freeware Panda Batch File Renamer for Windows
Panda Batch File Renamer offers a wide variety of rename options, and can show thumbnails of queued photos to help during the rename process.

#2: Freeware RenPhoric for Windows
Rename files with RenPhoric by editing the directory as if it was a text file. The software also supports find and replace with regular expressions.

#3: spacetornado Renamer for Windows
A free file renamer for Windows that performs basic operations - adding, replacing, and removing text, as well as changing text case.

#4: Rename Files Using Metadata Via RenameMaestro
RenameMaestro can perform multi-step file renaming, supporting a wide variety of file metadata including MP3 ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags.

#5: Rapid File Renamer for Windows
Rapid File Renamer allows you to rename a group of files using a visual File Name Designer.

#6: Rename Us from Vitaliy Levchenko
Copy or rename files via Rename Us, featuring a wizard-based interface as well as an advanced Expression builder.

#7: Advanced Renamer for Windows
Advanced Renamer is a free file rename package for Windows that supports batches of files from multiple directories.

#8: Freeware Bulk File Renamer for Windows with Regular Expression Support
Bulk Rename Utility for Windows lets you rename a group of files with many options including regular expression support. ID3 and EXIF tags can be read to assist in the renaming.

#9: Sherrod Computers File Renamer Basic
Organize files by renaming them with File Renamer Basic. Filenames can include MP3 tags (ID3v1, ID3v2) or EXIF data.

#10: Rename Files, Add JPG and MP3 Properties to Filenames with Rename Master
Rename Master is a file renaming utility for Windows that can add JPG and MP3 properties to filenames.

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