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Double Click a Link to Open in a New Tab

SUMMARY: With the DblClicker extension you can double-click links to open up new tabs, useful for search results pages.

When browsing a webpage in Firefox that contains a lot of links, such as a search engine results page, have you found yourself opening each link in a new tab so you can easily switch back to the results page instead of having to use the back button?

If so, you probably have either held down the Ctrl or Command (Mac) key while clicking on each link, or you have right-clicked on each link and selected "Open Link in New Tab".

What if there was an easier way to open links in new tabs, such as by double-clicking them? With the "DblClicker" extension, you can do just that, plus you can install this extension without restarting Firefox.

Besides double-clicking links to open them up in new tabs, you can also double-click bookmarks and history items. Double-clicking a tab can duplicate or close it. Plus, you can decide whether or not new tabs should open in the background, allowing you to continue looking at the search results page, for example. Or, Firefox can automatically focus on each new tab.

Changing DblClicker add-on options in Firefox

To install the extension, visit:

* DblClicker extension for Firefox

Note that most add-ons are from third party developers. Installation and use of add-ons are solely at your own risk.

This tip was written regarding the DblClicker add-on v1.6.1 running on a Windows 7 box. Features, instructions, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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