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Temporarily Hide the Tab Bar for More Web Browsing Space

SUMMARY: To add space for web browsing, playing Flash games, viewing e-mail, etc., hide Firefox's tab bar with a keyboard shortcut.

Although many people find tabbed browsing useful in Mozilla Firefox in that they can have multiple sites open simultaneously in the same browser window, the tab bar does take up a few pixels of vertical space. What if you could quickly hide the tab bar when not in use?

The "Hide Tabbar" extension for Firefox does just that. Surf the web in multiple tabs normally, and when you come across a site you plan on staying at for awhile (or need the extra space for the website's interface such as web-based e-mail or a Flash game), just press a customizable shortcut to hide the tab bar. You can still press Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs. Pressing the shortcut again, or opening a tab via Ctrl+T re-displays the tab bar.

1. Visit the following page from within Firefox:

* Hide Tabbar Add-on

2. Click the "Add to Firefox" button.

3. The "Software Installation" dialog box will eventually appear. Click "Install Now" as soon as the button is enabled.

Installing the Hide Tabbar add-on

4. Once the add-on has installed, click the "Restart Firefox" button. Depending on your configuration, Firefox may note that it will try to restart your windows and tabs.

5. Once Firefox has restarted, press Ctrl+F11 to toggle viewing the tab bar, or select "View" - "Tabbar".

You can also go to the Hide Tabbar options via the "Add-ons" dialog box. This lets you customize:

* Auto-hide the tab bar after a configurable amount of time in milliseconds

* Key combination to toggle the tab bar

* Ability to override Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Configuring options for the Hide Tabbar Extension

This tip was written for Mozilla Firefox v3.5.2 and Hide Tabbar 0.7.1 on a Windows Vista machine. Screenshots, instructions, and features for other versions may vary.

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