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Copy Page URL and Title to Clipboard, Configuring the Format

SUMMARY: "My CopyFixer" allows you to copy the URL and/or title of the currently browsed webpage in Firefox to the clipboard.

Are you setting up a links page, do you write about websites, or do you often want to tell a few friends or coworkers about websites you visit via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter? If so, don't manually retype web page names or URLs when you can copy them to the clipboard and paste them into another application or webpage.

The "My CopyFixer" extension for Mozilla Firefox lets you copy the URL and/or title to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C when no text is selected. The format is customizable, so you can copy web addresses to the clipboard formatted as an <a href>, a comma-delimited text, a personal recommendation, or however else you wish.

1. Visit the following page from within Firefox:

* My CopyFixer Extension for Firefox

2. Click the "Add to Firefox" button.

3. The "Software Installation" dialog box will eventually appear. Click "Install Now" as soon as the button is enabled.

Installing the "My CopyFixer" extension for Firefox

4. Once the add-on has installed, click the "Restart Firefox" button. Depending on your configuration, Firefox may note that it will try to restart your windows and tabs.

By default, when pressing Ctrl+C from Firefox when no text is selected, My CopyFixer copies the page URL and title into the clipboard in the following format:

<a href='$URL$' title='$TITLE$'>$TITLE$</a>

To change this, select "Tools" - "Add-ons", and then click the "Options" button underneath "My CopyFixer". Besides changing the text format, you can also have the extension show a dialog after a successful copy.

This tip was written for Mozilla Firefox v3.6.12 and the "My CopyFixer" extension v1.0. Screenshots, instructions, and features for other versions may vary.

Note that since this tip was written, version 1.1 has been released.

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