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Automatically Replay a Video on YouTube

SUMMARY: Continuously play a video over and over in Firefox with the YouTube Auto Replay add-on.

Do you often play YouTube videos in Mozilla Firefox and find a video that you like so much you wish you could play it over and over? Or, perhaps you are setting up Firefox as a kiosk and wish to replay a company video over and over without user intervention?

When viewing a YouTube video with the "YouTube Auto Replay" add-on, an "Auto Replay" box is visible. When checked, the current video will keep on playing. You can even click the plus sign next to the box and choose to replay only a part of the video continuously.

Automatically playing a YouTube video over and over

1. Visit the following page from within Firefox:

* "YouTube Auto Replay" Extension for Firefox

2. Click the "Add to Firefox" button.

3. The "Software Installation" dialog box will eventually appear. Click "Install Now" as soon as the button is enabled.

Installing the "YouTube Auto Replay" extension for Firefox

4. Once the add-on has installed, click the "Restart Firefox" button. Depending on your configuration, Firefox may note that it will try to restart your windows and tabs.

Visit YouTube, watch a video, and enjoy!

This tip was written for Mozilla Firefox v3.6.15 and the "YouTube Auto Replay" extension v1.9.2. Screenshots, instructions, and features for other versions may vary.

According to one of the reviews, if you have many add-ons installed, this one may cause problems. So be sure to test accordingly.

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