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Mozilla Firefox - Misc - Allow Popup Windows for Selected Sites

SUMMARY: Stop blocking popup windows necessary to view certain websites in Mozilla Firefox.

By default, Mozilla Firefox is configured to disable popup windows (a few still get by, but many are caught).

While this feature disables popup windows for many advertisements, it also may disable popup windows used by sites for other non-obtrusive reasons, such as navigation, to confirm an online purchase, etc.

To allow certain sites to use popup windows, perform the following from within Firefox:

1. Select "Tools" - "Options".

2. When the "Options" dialog box appears, select the "Content" page.

3. Ensure "Block pop-up windows" is checked. Next to it, click the "Exceptions" button.

Accessing Firefox's pop-up window options

4. An "Allowed Sites - Popups" dialog will appear.

Firefox's "Allowed Sites - Popups" dialog box

From here you can:

a) Allow a site to display popup windows. Enter in the domain underneath "Address of web site" and click "Allow".

b) Disallow a site from displaying popup windows. Click a site in the list and then click the "Remove Site" button.

c) Remove all sites from the exception list. Click "Remove All Sites".

5. Click "Close" on the "Allowed Sites - Popups" dialog box, then "OK" on the "Options" dialog box.

This tip was written for Mozilla Firefox v3.0.10. Screenshots and instructions for other versions may vary.


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