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Downgrade to a Previous Release of Firefox for Stability

SUMMARY: Problems with the current version of Mozilla Firefox? Consider downgrading to a previous release. Or, install multiple releases simultaneously to test web pages.

When new versions of Mozilla Firefox are released, some people report problems in the latest version that were not present in previous versions. If this has happened to you, consider downgrading to a previous version of Mozilla Firefox.

While downgrading to an earlier version of Firefox may add stability, note that these versions may have security vulnerabilities that are fixed in the current version, so downgrade with caution.

To find all available earlier versions of Firefox, visit the Firefox Releases website. Note that not all older versions of Firefox may be online here. For example, the 4.x series of Firefox was not listed when this tip was written.

Current as of August 25, 2011: Firefox v3.6.x will be "maintained with security and stability updates for a short amount of time" and you can downgrade via the Download Firefox 3.6 page.

One other option is to visit as they have released portable versions of Firefox that can easily be installed alongside your main installation.

At the Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition page you can find links to various portable legacy versions. However, only some versions are available. For example, when this tip was written, the 4.x and 5.x series were not available. The 1.x series, though, was available via a portable application even though it is not available for download at the main Firefox site.

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