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Add Weather Forecasts to Your Status Bar

SUMMARY: Is it raining outside? How hot or cold is the temperature? Find out merely by glancing at Mozilla Firefox's status bar.

Instead of browsing web sites for weather reports, would you find it more convenient if your Mozilla Firefox status bar gave you instant weather information, forecasts, and access to satellite maps?

The Forecastfox extension does just that, displaying weather information from AccuWeather. To install:

Forecastfox weather information in the Firefox 3 status bar

Note that most extensions are from third party developers. Installation and use of extensions are solely at your own risk.

1. Select "Tools" - "Add-Ons".

2. The "Add-Ons" dialog box appears. Click the "Get Add-ons" button.

3. In the search box, type forecastfox and press the magnifying glass.

4. The Forecastfox extension is displayed below. Click the "Add to Firefox" button.

5. The "Software Installation" dialog box will eventually appear. Click "Install Now" as soon as the button is enabled.

Installing the Forecastfox Add-On

6. Once the add-on has installed, click the "Restart Firefox" button. Depending on your configuration, Firefox may note that it will try to restart your windows and tabs.

Restarting Firefox from the Add-Ons dialog box

On first startup the "Forecastfox Options" dialog box appears:

Starting Forecastfox for the first time.

1. Underneath "Forecast Location", click the "Find Code" button to find the weather code for your city and state / country.

2. The "Forecastfox Location Search" dialog box appears. Enter your city and state/country and press "Search".

3. Select the proper match and click "OK".

4. When you return to the "Forecastfox Options" dialog box you can click "OK" to accept the standard settings. Or, experiment with settings such as changing the units of measurement, where the weather forecasts will be placed in Mozilla Firefox (you can even place weather information in the menu bar!), and how many days of extended forecast information will be displayed. You can even change the icons used to designate specific weather types such as cloudy or sunny (icon packs are available online).

Changing the icons used by Forecastfox

This tip was written for Mozilla Firefox v3.0.10. Screenshots and instructions for other versions may vary.

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