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Keep Files and Folders from Prying Eyes with Folder Lock

SUMMARY: Place sensitive files inside encrypted "lockers" and "shred" the originals with Folder Lock.

Folder Lock for Windows helps you keep private information away from prying eyes by allowing you to set up protected "lockers" where you can move sensitive information. Files and folders may be dragged and dropped into a locker, originals may optionally be shredded for privacy, and files are encrypted using 256-bit AES. Lockers can be copied or moved to USB devices for portability, if needed.

Options include a "Stealth" mode that hides the software, allowing it only to be activated by a keyboard shortcut. After 5 login attempts, the software can log off or shut down the PC. The recent documents, find files and folders, and clipboard histories can be deleted when closing a locker. Plus, the software can be configured to auto-lock after a few minutes of idleness in case you leave your PC and forget to lock up.

Opening a protected locker of files in Folder Lock

A 15-use trial of the software may be downloaded at the following site:

* Folder Lock

This tip was written regarding Folder Lock v6.3.5 running on a Windows XP system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions /operating systems may vary.

As with other file encryption software, if you lose your password, you may never regain access to protected files. Thus always use such programs with caution. Also, as the trial is limited use, you may not wish to place important files in lockers and remove the originals while testing the application.

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