Disk Usage Utility

Commercial Disk Usage Utility with Temporary, Duplicate File Reports

SUMMARY: FolderSizes offers an impressive array of features including schedulable reports, multiple graph types, and multiple types of report exporting.

FolderSizes is a commercial disk usage reporting application for Windows. The software can report free and used space for drives or individual folders, and generates bar graphs, pie charts, and Treemaps representations.

The software can generate a wide array of reports including the largest files (are movies and music taking up too much room?), oldest files, temporary files (you can consider deleting old temporary files to save space), and duplicate files (so you don't need a separate duplicate file scanning utility). Details and graphs may be displayed for file types, attributes, owners, sizes, names, and dates.

Displaying a pie chart of photo files with FolderSizes

When displaying reports, you can copy file paths to the clipboard, open items, delete items, and open a command prompt from the file's path, as well as other operations. Reports can be exported to HTML, XML, text or comma-delimited text files, or to the clipboard. Graph images may also be exported separately. For administrative use, reports can be set to run on a one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

During scanning you can choose to ignore certain folders or even whole drives as needed. Files may be filtered by name (wildcard matching supported), date range, size, filename and/or file path length, attributes such as system or hidden, and file ownership.

Configuration options include changing the visual theme and display colors, whether or not to follow mount points and links, which drive types to show in the drive panel, HTML export options for reports, and headers and footers when printing reports.

FolderSizes works on Windows 2000 and up, and is compatible with Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit. A 15-day trial may be downloaded at the following address:

* FolderSizes

This tip was written regarding FolderSizes v4.8.3.10 running on a Windows XP system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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