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Software for graphic designers, publishers, and others to manage their use of fonts. Features may include font installation and uninstallation, printing font contact sheets, and browsing fonts by similarity.

#1: Printer's Apprentice for Windows
Manage and preview fonts with Printer's Apprentice, or print customizable font catalogs and sample sheets.

#2: FontViewOK, Freeware Font Viewer for Windows
Browse Windows fonts side-by-side, and even customize the preview text, with the freeware FontViewOK.

#3: dp4 Font Viewer for Windows
Perform basic font viewing and management functions with the freeware dp4 Font Viewer for Windows - requires no installation.

#4: Free and Easy Font Viewer for Windows
A freeware application to browse the list of installed fonts on your system and display font details.

#5: WinFontsView: Portable Freeware Font Viewer for Windows
WinFontsView is a freeware portable Windows application that views sample text of fonts installed on your system.

#6: AMP Font Viewer, Freeware for Windows
AMP Font Viewer is a freeware font manager for Windows that supports modifiable font previews.

#7: Cfont Pro for Windows
Cfont Pro is a font viewer and manager for Windows that supports font "slideshows" and exporting proof sheets.

#8: FontAgent Pro for Windows
FontAgent Pro for Windows is a commercial font manager allowing fonts to be organized into libraries and sets.

#9: MainType Font Manager for Windows
MainType is a commercial font manager/viewer for Windows with several font information output options including HTML.

#10: FontExpert for Windows
FontExpert is a commercial font manager for Windows that creates printed and HTML font contact sheets.

#11: FontList for Windows
FontList is a freeware application for Windows that creates HTML files displaying installed fonts.

#12: Typograf Font Manager
Typograf is a commercial font manager for Windows that provides font comparisons and contact sheet printing capabilities.

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Windows XP and Fonts

Advice for managing fonts on your Windows XP system. Includes tips on navigating your fonts, previewing fonts, and uninstalling unused fonts.

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