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Here are some general computer tips that can be used on many computer platforms, not just PCs.

#1: Why Do Install Programs Ask Me to Close Everything or Restart?
When installing software, here's why you should close down all running applications - but think twice before shutting down security software.

#2: Donating or Giving Away a Computer? Follow These 5 Steps First.
Five steps to take before you give away a PC, including helping to prevent identity theft.

#3: For Speed, CPU Speed Isn't Everything
Plan on upgrading a computer or buying a new one? Look at more than just the CPU speed for faster performance.

#4: Computer Parts - Keep a Spare Item
Some spare computer-related items you may want to keep around the house or office.

#5: Floppy Disk Care and Use
Tips for those who still use floppy disks. Topics include handling, using, and caring for floppy disks.

#6: Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Computer Users
Advice for everyone who uses a computer and/or surfs the Internet, helping save time and possibly even money.

#7: Don't Know Which Laptop to Purchase? Ask Microsoft
Microsoft's "PC Scout" offers suggestions on which laptop or netbook to purchase based on your needs.

#8: Directory - Path - Folder ... What Is It?
Are there any differences between the terms directory, path, and folder?

#9: Slap Me Some Skin
Do you like the look of your software programs? Many packages now support visual themes, or 'skins'. Learn more about them.

#10: 7 Things to Consider When Installing a Beta Operating System or Update
Before installing an operating system or update that has not been officially released, heed this advice.

#11: 5 Things to Do as Soon as You Purchase a New Computer
Increase your computer security and reduce potential headaches later by doing these five things as soon as you purchase a new computer.

#12: Why Should You Buy a Desktop PC?
With the added mobility one gets with a laptop PC, is there any reason to still purchase a desktop?

#13: 7 Reasons Why Computers Run Slower As They Get Older
Seven reasons why computers seem to run slower the longer you use them, including drive fragmentation and faulty software uninstallers.

#14: What is Pre-Installed Bloatware?
What is pre-installed bloatware that you may find on new laptops and desktops, and why is this software installed?

#15: Increase Laptop Performance and Use Less Power?

#16: Save Your Work Often

#17: General Computers - What Are .CHK Files?

#18: Printers: Save Money by Learning Control Panels

#19: Video Cards and Memory

#20: Removable Media Option

#21: Check the Size of Your Expansion Cards

#22: Don't Plug Into a Powered Machine

#23: Year 2000 Issues with Windows, Microsoft Products

#24: Buying a Laptop or Desktop - What is Shared Video Memory?
Explains the difference between graphics card onboard memory and a shared video memory paradigm.

#25: What is a Monitor's Actual Display Size?

#26: Useful Hayes Commands

#27: Don't Make the Computer Case Claustrophobic

#28: Should I Virus Scan Commercial Software?

#29: Software Server Revisited

#30: COM Ports

#31: Don't Always Go By Minimum Requirements
Plan on purchasing software, such as a game, and using it on a computer that barely meets the software's minimum requirements? It may not run as well as desired.

#32: Drive Defragmenters - Not All The Same
Not all disk defragmenters work the same way - learn how two disk defragmenters work differently.

#33: Refresh Old Backups

#34: Keystrokes and Message Boxes
These keyboard shortcuts work most of the time when message boxes appear onscreen.

#35: Converting Files Between Word Processors?

#36: Trackballs May Be Right For You

#37: Failing Installation Programs

#38: How to Solve Computer Problems with More Power!
UPS units can protect your computers from surges, brownouts, and unreliable power. Read this tip for more information.

#39: Test Out Keyboards!

#40: Backing Up Only One Folder
You don't have to own high-end software programs to perform software backups.

#41: ALWAYS Make Emergency Disks

#42: Increase Scanner Results with Black

#43: Network Administrator? Set Up a Software Server

#44: Sound Recording Problems

#45: Mouse Pointer Problems

#46: Scanning Resolution Questions

#47: Consider the TCO When Buying Printers

#48: Hard Drive Fragmentation and Internet Surfing

#49: Why Not Try a New Mouse?

#50: Check for New Graphics Drivers

#51: Clean Your Computer

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