Disk Usage Utility

Detailed Hard Drive Usage via a GUI or Command Line

SUMMARY: GetFoldersize is a freeware disk usage utility for Windows that also can be run at the command line to generate reports.

GetFoldersize is a freeware disk usage utility package for Windows, written by Michael Thummerer Software Design. Select a source folder and the software scans it and its subdirectories, displaying the sizes of files and folders contained therein via a detailed expandable tree view. Click on a folder name to view the list of files contained, sorted by size and displayable in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.

Options include increasing or decreasing the font size, changing the application language (German or English), and displaying folder levels with different background colors for easy differentiation. You can toggle the display of folders, drives, and/or files, as well as a list of the largest files. A preview window can be enabled for selected file types.

Using GetFoldersize to display disk usage on the C:\ drive

GetFoldersize can generate reports via the DOS command line. Instructions are shown during the installation, but here's an example:

"C:\Program Files\GetFoldersize\getfoldersize.exe" -s c:\ c:\log.txt

This creates a report at c:\log.txt of the space taken up by all folders and subfolders on your C:\ drive. Note that you may have to change this command depending on where GetFoldersize is installed on your system.

The software runs on Windows 2000 and above, and may be downloaded at the following address; a portable version is available.

* GetFoldersize - http://www.getfoldersize.com/en_getfoldersize.htm

This tip was written for GetFoldersize v2.3.2 running on a Windows XP system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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