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Google Gmail

Clear Your Trash

SUMMARY: Quickly delete unwanted e-mail in Gmail's trash can.

(Note that this tip was written February 21, and Gmail's interface is subject to change.)

Although Gmail can store gigabytes of e-mail on its server, many people (including myself) are impatient and will still manually delete certain messages that are no longer needed.

Deleted messages are sent to a virtual "trash can" that can be viewed by clicking the "Trash" link in the left side of the Gmail window. Although Trash messages will automatically be removed in 30 days, you might want to go ahead and remove all of the messages sooner.

* To remove a particular message, click the checkbox next to the message you wish to remove, then click the "Delete Forever" button.

* To completely empty the trash, click the "All" link (it's next to "Select:" below the "Delete Forever" button), then click the "Delete Forever" button.

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