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Google Chrome - View, Search, Delete Browsing History

SUMMARY: View and search through the list of websites recently browsed with Google Chrome, or delete selected or all items.

Want to view the most recently-viewed websites browsed with Google Chrome? Pull up the History and see where you have been on the Internet. Each History item is hyperlinked so you can go back to sites with one click. Plus, you can search through your History items to find a particular site.

To view the History, either:

A. Press CTRL + H

B. Hold down the backward or forward button for a couple of seconds (whichever one is enabled, if any) and choose "Show Full History" from the pop-up menu.

C. Click on the wrench button, selecting "History" from the pop-up menu.

A new "History" tab appears.

Displaying the history in Google Chrome

To search through the history, simply type your query into the box next to the large clock icon and click "Search history".

Searching through the history of sites browsed in Google Chrome

To delete individual items:

1. Click the "Edit items" link.

2. Place checks next to items you wish to remove.

3. Click the "Remove selected items" button.

4. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Deleting individual items from the Google Chrome history

To remove all history items, and possibly other browsing data:

1. Click the "Edit items" link.

2. Click the "Clear all browsing data" button.

3. The "Options" - "Under the Hood" tab appears with a dialog box "Clear Browsing Data".

4. Choose which data you want to "obliterate" by placing checks next to the desired entries:

* Clear browsing history
* Clear download history
* Empty the cache
* Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
* Clear saved passwords
* Clear saved Autofill form data

5. Click the pull-down next to "Obliterate the following items from" to choose the timeframe of entries you wish to remove:

* The past hour
* The past day
* The past week
* The last 4 weeks
* The beginning of time (all)

6. Click "Clear browsing data" to begin the obliteration.

Clearing browsing data from Google Chrome

7. When done you can click the "X" next to the "Options - Under the Hood" and "History" tabs to close them. Note that history items will still appear in the open "History" tab - reload it to make sure your deletions took.

This tip was updated for Google Chrome v13.0.782.218 running on a Windows 7 machine. Features, information, and screenshots are subject to change between versions and operating systems.


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