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Google Chrome

View Web Pages in Full Screen Mode and Switch Between Tabs with Keyboard Shortcuts

SUMMARY: Toggle full screen mode in the Google Chrome web browser. While tabs are hidden, switch between pages with keyboard shortcuts.

This is a simple Google Chrome tip, but beginners may find it useful. Others still may learn a keyboard shortcut or two.

When browsing a web page that you plan on staying at for awhile, such as a web-based electronic mail service such as Gmail, you might wish to temporarily hide everything else onscreen including Chrome's address bar to view more of the page.

To do so requires a simple keyboard shortcut. Press the F11 key to toggle full screen mode. Depending on your operating system, such as Windows 7, other on-screen elements may disappear, such as the Windows Taskbar.

As a bonus, this keyboard shortcut also works in other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome's full screen mode message

However, if you have web pages opened in multiple tabs, how do you switch between them in full screen mode since the tabs disappear?

You can cycle between tabs using Ctrl+Tab to access the next tab, or Ctrl+Shift+Tab to access the previous tab. Or, press Ctrl+1 to access the first tab, Ctrl+2 to access the second tab, etc.

This tip was updated regarding Google Chrome 21.0.1180.60 m on a Windows 7 machine. Google Chrome features, instructions, and screenshots will differ depending on if you are downloading Beta, Development, or Stable releases and also depending on your operating system.

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