Google Chrome

View Memory and CPU Usage, Network Activity of Each Tab

SUMMARY: Display memory, CPU, network, and other Google Chrome usage details.

For those trying to diagnose computer or networking issues when visiting resource-intensive websites, or just the merely curious, Google Chrome includes a Task Manager. This displays the amount of memory and CPU used by the browser and each tab as well as network activity, process IDs, and for developers the frames per second and ports used to debug native client apps (NaCl debug port). This way, you can determine if a particular webpage is using too many system resources, possibly slowing your computer down.

If you want extra information, a "Stats for nerds" screen shows the memory broken down by private and shared, as well as virtual memory usage. This details screen can even show basic memory usage statistics for other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Viewing the Google Chrome task manager

The basic Task Manager can be accessed in one of the following ways:

A. Right-click the top of the Google Chrome window and choose "Task Manager".

B. Press Shift + Esc.

C. Click the menu button, selecting "Tools", then "Task manager".

Access the Google Chrome Task manager

To view detailed memory information for Google Chrome and other browsers, when the "Task Manager - Google Chrome" dialog box appears, click the Stats for nerds link. You can also enter about://memory or chrome://memory-redirect/ in the Google Chrome address bar.

Viewing the "About memory" or "Stats for nerds" in Google Chrome

This tip was written regarding Google Chrome 34.0.1847.116m on a Windows 7 machine. Google Chrome features, instructions, and screenshots may differ depending on your installed version and operating system.

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