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Report a Malfunctioning Web Page, Crash, or Other Issue

SUMMARY: If you are experiencing crashes in Google Chrome, pages that are not displaying correctly yet work fine inside other browsers, or if you have run into a suspected phishing site, report your findings to Google.

If you're having trouble with a particular web page while browsing the web in Google Chrome, and if the page displays and works correctly with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers, you can report the problem to Google.

Or, is Google Chrome crashing often? Are you having difficulty with syncing preferences across machines? Have you run across a potential phishing webpage (a site that looks official but you can tell is trying to steal your personal information)? You can report these issues to Google as well.

1. If there is a particular page in question, visit it first (unless the page automatically crashes Google Chrome or exploits a possible security / privacy issue, in which case make sure you know the exact web address or URL before continuing).

2. Click the wrench button near the top-right of the Google Chrome window, selecting "Tools" then "Report an issue".

Choosing to report an issue to Google from Google Chrome

3. A new "Feedback" tab appears. Underneath "Tell us what is happening (required)", type in the exact problem you are having.

Describe your problem in detail. Unless the bug is on a site's home page, explain the steps you took to get to the current page in question. Mention if you logged into the site (do not include your username and password). If a search on the page caused the problem (and it does not cause problems with other browsers), retype the search query as long as it does not contain personal / private information.

Other types of problems/issues you may need to describe include the page formatting or layout (make sure the page looks OK on other browsers first), plug-in issues, crashes when certain tabs are open, noting a possible phishing page, etc.

4. Check or uncheck "Include this URL" as needed to attach a copy of the entered URL into the report. You may need to change this if the provided URL is not correct.

5. Check or uncheck "Include this screenshot" to include or not include a screenshot of the currently-viewed webpage.

6. When done, click the "Send feedback" button.

Filling out a feedback report inside Google Chrome to report to Google

Note that you may not receive a personal response, but the information you provide will help in updating Google Chrome. Also, you may want to send an e-mail to the webmaster of the site you are having problems on, or use their "contact us" page, if applicable. If they receive enough similar reports they may be able to develop a work-around to the problem.

BE SURE to read the text at the bottom of the Feedback page for details on the type of information this form will send to Google including the Operating System version!

This tip was updated for Google Chrome 21.0.1180.79 m running on a Windows 7 machine. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions and operating systems may vary.

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