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Google Image Search - Search for Images by Color

SUMMARY: Limit your image searches to photos and other pictures mostly containing a given color.

When searching for clip-art, photographs, and other images with Google Image Search, you may require pictures mostly containing a given color. Perhaps you need a red race car, a yellow chrysanthemum flower, or a green apple.

Instead of searching through dozens, hundreds, or perhaps thousands of results and manually looking for matching images, you can perform color-specific queries in one of several ways:

Sample Google Image Search for green apples

Post Search

1. After performing an image search, click on the "All colors" link underneath the search bar.

2. Choose from one of the specified colors.

3. Your search will refresh showing only images Google deems to mostly contain the given color.

Search modifier

Add the color: modifier after your search query, followed by the color name you wish to search. As examples, the following Google image searches will display results referenced in the first paragraph:

* race car color:red

* chrysanthemum color:yellow

* apple color:green

This tip was written on May 4, 2009. Information and screenshots are subject to change depending on changes in Google Image Search.


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