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SUMMARY: Display local news on the Google News homepage.

Besides displaying national, world, and topic-oriented news stories, Google News can display stories targeted to your local area or another area of your choosing. This lets you find information from your local newspaper, television stations, and other sources. The quick way to do so is listed first, followed by a way to store your settings between sessions in case you do not save browser cookies.

Scroll down the Google News homepage and underneath "Local News" you should see a box labeled "View stories near". Enter a city name or US zip code to display targeted stories and click the "Add" button. The page will reload with stories from your targeted area, and you can click "Show more stories" or "Show fewer stories" to adjust the amount of local coverage.

Google News displaying stories related to Chicago

If you delete your browser cookies (this may be done automatically due to anti-spyware application settings) and re-access Google News, the local news stories may disappear.

Near the top-right of the Google News page you should see a box with a link "Take this page with you". Click this link and you can save your settings to a Google Account (it can be the same account you use with Gmail). After you save your settings, re-access Google News when you are logged into your Google account and you should see your local news stories even if you delete your cookies.

Note that you can add sections for local stories for other cities. Click the "Edit this personalized page" link and the box changes to a "Personalize this page" box. Click "Add a local section" and enter your desired location. Or, from this box you can delete a local section - click a local section, check the "Delete section" box, and click "Save Changes".

Adding a second local section to Google News

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