Google Chrome Help and Tips

Tips on installing, using, and configuring the Google Chrome web browser.

#1: Easily Share Content on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, More
The "AddThis" extension for Google Chrome lets you easily share content on a variety of services.

#2: View Memory and CPU Usage, Network Activity of Each Tab
Display memory, CPU, network, and other Google Chrome usage details.

#3: Add Button to Scroll to Top of Long Web Pages
Access the menu and search boxes at the top of long webpages browsed in Google Chrome with this shortcut button.

#4: Clear Browsing Data including Cookies, Flash Cookies, Cache, History, and Saved Passwords
For privacy, clear the data Google Chrome stores regarding your browsing history.

#5: Disable Plugins Such as Flash Unless You Want Them to Run
Show boxes inside Google Chrome when a Flash, Shockwave, Adobe Reader, or other plug-in wants to run, allowing you to click to play them.

#6: Play Minesweeper in Chrome
Play the classic computer game Minesweeper directly inside the Google Chrome web browser.

#7: Add a History Button to the Toolbar
Quickly access your website browsing history in Chrome by adding a History button to the toolbar.

#8: Play a Game of Miniature Golf
Enjoy 18 holes of miniature golf inside Google Chrome.

#9: View Web Pages in Full Screen Mode and Switch Between Tabs with Keyboard Shortcuts
Toggle full screen mode in the Google Chrome web browser. While tabs are hidden, switch between pages with keyboard shortcuts.

#10: Report a Malfunctioning Web Page, Crash, or Other Issue
If you are experiencing crashes in Google Chrome, pages that are not displaying correctly yet work fine inside other browsers, or if you have run into a suspected phishing site, report your findings to Google.

#11: Disable Use of Search Engine Suggestion / Prediction Services
Prevent Google Chrome from querying search engine suggestion / prediction services when typing text or web addresses into the address bar.

#12: Quickly Scroll Down a Search Result Webpage for Desired Text
Ever searched for a website via Google and clicked on a result but you cannot find the queried text? Google Quick Scroll for Google Chrome may help.

#13: Add a Clock to the Toolbar and View a Big Funky Clock
Show a clock in Google Chrome's toolbar, and double-click it to open a larger customizable clock.

#14: Prompt Where to Save Downloaded Files
Have Google Chrome ask you where to save downloaded files instead of placing them in a default location.

#15: Google's Own Screen Capture Tool Supports Full Page Capture, Editing, and Sharing
Take screen captures of entire web pages viewed in Google Chrome, then add highlights to focus on important elements and share the captures via Facebook.

#16: View Kittens and Pandas Everywhere!
Replace ugly images on webpages viewed in Google Chrome with pandas and kitties.

#17: Major League Baseball Scores Instantly from the Source
Can't watch baseball at the office? Grab the Scoreboard Extension for Google Chrome and keep up with your favorite team.

#18: Create Placeholder Lorem Ipsum Text
Graphics designers - generate placeholder Lorem Ipsum text via a button inside Google Chrome while designing layouts of publications and web pages.

#19: Add a Calculator to the Browser
Add a calculator with a scroll-back buffer and support for variables to Google Chrome.

#20: Merge Your Browser Windows and Popups Together
Merge all Google Chrome windows together into one with multiple tabs, manually or automatically, via JoinTabs.

#21: View, Search, Delete Browsing History
View and search through the list of websites recently browsed with Google Chrome, or delete selected or all items.

#22: Display Sports Scores: MLB, NFL, NBA, More
Keep up-to-date with the latest sports scores with just a click or two of the mouse inside Google Chrome.

#23: Add a Visual Calculator with Advanced Features
Need a visual calculator for Google Chrome that supports trigonometric functions or generating random numbers?

#24: Throw Eggs at a Page you Don't Like
Is a webpage not working, or does it contain a story that makes you angry? Throw eggs at it from Google Chrome!

#25: Change Your Home and Startup Pages
Configure the webpage(s) that display when starting the Google Chrome web browser.

#26: Dodge the Falling Icicles in your Browser
Avalanche!! is an icicle-dodging game that can be added to Google Chrome and available just a click away.

#27: View and Manage Your Tabs in a Vertical List
Manage tabs in Google Chrome via a popup with the "Vertical Tabs" extension.

#28: Play a Puzzle Game from Virtually Any Browsed Photo
Need a break? Play a sliding puzzle game inside Google Chrome and you can use about any photo you find online.

#29: Watch YouTube Without the Comments
Enjoy watching videos on YouTube, but hate seeing the comments? Turn them off when browsing via Google Chrome!

#30: Annotate Websites with Sticky Notes
"Note Anywhere" lets you add reminder notes onto pages browsed in Google Chrome.

#31: Display a Miniature Google Maps App for Easy Searching
Need to search Google Maps but don't want to open a new tab or window? This extension makes Google Maps a click away via a pop-up.

#32: Quickly Hide All Open Tabs
Don't want others seeing which web sites you are browsing in Google Chrome? Press the panic button!

#33: Search a Term by Highlighting It, with Autocomplete
The "Highlight to Search (by Google)" extension to Google Chrome lets you search by highlighting text and clicking a pop-up magnifying glass.

#34: Quick Access to Baseball Player Statistics
Search multiple baseball statistics (sabermetrics) sites for information on a particular player inside Google Chrome.

#35: Turn Down the Lights in the Browser
Focus on a video or movie shown in Google Chrome by 'turning down' the lights on user comments, related movies, and other 'stuff'.

#36: Add an Extensions Button to Google Chrome's Toolbar
Make managing extensions in Google Chrome easier by adding a shortcut button to the toolbar.

#37: View IMDb Information About a Selected Movie
Select a movie name in a web page and the "Go To IMDb" extension lets you access related information at the click of a mouse.

#38: Do Not Press the Red Button
Better not press the red button... but how can you resist? It's a button... and it's RED!

#39: Prevent Movies from Automatically Playing on YouTube
Tired of YouTube videos automatically playing as you access the pages? Try out this extension.

#40: Add a Downloads Button to the Toolbar
Manage Google Chrome downloads with one click by adding a toolbar button.

#41: Display Your IP Address
A Google Chrome extension to display your IP address with the click of a button.

#42: One Click Weather from the Weather Channel
Display weather conditions from The Weather Channel inside Google Chrome with a click of the mouse.

#43: Test Your Website with Different Browser Sizes
Webmasters - see how sites will appear under various browsing scenarios with the "Resolution Test" plug-in.

#44: Choose Your Favorite Google Doodle
When browsing Google from Google Chrome, replace their logo with that of your favorite Google Doodle.

#45: Browse the Web Standing on Your Head
Play a prank on your friends by forcing pages to display upside down when in Google Chrome.

#46: View Wikipedia in a Popup Browser
Keep Wikipedia a click away with the Wikipedia Companion mini browser for Google Chrome.

#47: Notepad for Google Chrome
Add an easy-to-access notepad directly inside the Google Chrome web browser with Chromepad.

#48: Search YouTube Quickly
Add a button to Google Chrome to perform a search on YouTube - includes search suggestions.

#49: Get a Definition or Wikipedia Snippet of a Word or Phrase
The Google Dictionary extension for Google Chrome allows you to double-click words for definitions or perform a direct search.

#50: Add Weather Forecasts via Forecastfox
View weather forecasts and a radar map via the Forecastfox extension for Google Chrome.

#51: View Pages That Need Internet Explorer Rendering inside Chrome
The IE Tab extension allows web pages that require Internet Explorer to be viewed inside Google Chrome.

#52: Theme your Browser with a Gallery of Options from "Baseball" to "Zen Spring"
Personalize the Google Chrome web browser with a variety of downloadable themes.

#53: Configure how Mixed Content on SSL Pages is Handled
For security in Google Chrome, you may wish to disable insecure content and images on pages marked secure.

#54: Keyboard Shortcuts
Useful keyboard shortcuts for the Google Chrome web browser.

#55: Increase or Decrease Text Size
Having a hard time reading text? Increase its size by zooming in.

#56: Tab Right-Click Shortcuts
Right-click on the Google Chrome Tab Bar for more tab opening/closing options.

#57: Add a Homepage Button to the Toolbar
Provide one-click access to your home page in Google Chrome.

#58: Drag and Drop URL from Firefox
You can drag and drop a tab from Firefox to view the same page from within Google Chrome.

#59: Make Google Chrome your Default Browser
Set Google Chrome to be the default web browser opened by most Windows applications.

#60: Do Not Skip the Customize Dialog During Install
Don't just click through the dialog boxes when installing Google Chrome - there's a customize link you may find useful.

#61: Download the Google Chrome Web Browser
Looking for another way to browse and search the web? Try out the Google Chrome web browser.

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