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Help with Google's Gmail tool. Configuring your Gmail account, marking e-mail as important, auto-forwarding e-mail, and more.

#1: Show Maps Automatically in Emails Instead of Copying and Pasting
If you often receive addresses via Google Gmail, why copy and paste them into a Google Maps window?

#2: Add a Smiling Face or other Emoji (Emoticon)
Brighten up your email with emoticons such as smiling faces, weather symbols, and food items.

#3: Add Your Own Photo to the Background
Create a theme in Gmail based on a photo of yourself, spouse, friend, travel destination, or whatever.

#4: Automatically Archive a Conversation you Respond to
Respond to a lot of email in Gmail and need to keep your Inbox clean? Send your e-mail and archive the conversation in one step.

#5: Stop Automatically Adding New Addresses to Autocomplete List
Prevent Gmail from remembering everyone you send e-mail to and displaying them in the autocomplete list.

#6: Show Unread Message Count as an Icon
Glance at your web browser's Tab Bar to see how many new messages are in your Gmail Inbox.

#7: Change Your Name When Sending E-Mail
Use a nickname or your business name when sending e-mail from Gmail.

#8: What is Gmail? And How do I Sign Up?
Information on Google's free Gmail electronic mail and messaging platform, and how to get an account.

#9: Use Your Own Colors for Gmail
Tired of the default Gmail theme colors? Use your own to personalize Gmail.

#10: Do Not View Pictures Provided by Contacts
Prevent contacts' pictures in Gmail from appearing, substituting your chosen pictures (if any).

#11: View a Popup Contact List When Composing Email
Gmail offers a contact list when composing e-mail so you can visually pick and choose recipients.

#12: Add More Emoji (Emoticons) Such as Sports, Fruit, Flags, and Music
If you like Gmail's emoticons but wish you had a bunch more to choose from, a Labs feature gives you plenty more to play with.

#13: Keep Track of What You Need to Do with Tasks
Keep track of people to meet, errands to perform, places to go, and other things with Gmail's Tasks feature.

#14: Create Common Canned E-Mail Responses
In a hurry? Create canned responses to frequent e-mail queries in Gmail.

#15: Move the Chat or Labels Section to the Right
Keep your chat and label options visible in Gmail by moving one or both to the right side.

#16: Play Snake Game within Gmail
Take a break responding to e-mail in Gmail with a Snake Game.

#17: Print E-Mail Messages
Use Gmail's print function to print e-mail, not your web browser's.

#18: Show More/Fewer Topics on a Page
Show more or fewer topics per screen when reading mail with Google's Gmail.

#19: Remove All Spam Quickly
Notice the spam removal link in Gmail? This immediately removes all currently detected spam from your account.

#20: Change the Display Language
Display Gmail's user-interface in French, Spanish, or another language.

#21: Remove Quick Contacts / Chat Area
Disable Gmail's Quick Contacts / chat area from appearing on the left side of your screen.

#22: Add a Signature to Your Messages
Automatically add text to the end of your Gmail e-mails such as your job title, an advertisement, or an interesting quote.

#23: Going on Vacation? Let People Know!
Gmail contains a Vacation response feature where you can let others know why you won't be responding to their e-mail for awhile.

#24: Don't Leave Your Account Dormant
Access your Gmail account regularly so you don't lose it.

#25: Use Keyboard Shortcuts
Tired of using the mouse AND keyboard when reading and composing messages in Gmail? Turn on keyboard shortcuts to common functionality.

#26: Toggle Showing Mail Snippets or Subjects Only
Clean your Gmail inbox display or peek inside every message.

#27: Auto-Forward Your Email
Read your Gmail account from other e-mail addresses or portable devices.

#28: Search for Email Containing a File Attachment Type or Filename
Query Gmail to find e-mail containing specific types or names of file attachments.

#29: Export Your Contacts
Need to access your Gmail contacts inside a different e-mail program, or just want them saved on your machine for safe keeping?

#30: Mark Certain E-Mail as Important
If you need to recall certain Gmail messages quickly, mark them as important with a star.

#31: Change Text Color When Composing E-Mail
Colorize your e-mail when composing messages from Gmail.

#32: Labeling E-Mail
Categorize e-mail in your Gmail inbox and folders with labels.

#33: Disable Web Clips Above the Inbox and E-Mail Messages
Disable ads, Gmail tips, news, and other information from appearing above your Inbox and e-mail messages.

#34: Clear Your Trash
Quickly delete unwanted e-mail in Gmail's trash can.

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