Google Image Search Help and Tips

Search for images across the web with Google's Image Search tool.

#1: Search For Icons or Other Specific Image File Types
Query Google for icons, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, or SVG files on the Internet.

#2: Help Improve Google Image Search Results
Google Image Labeler is a game you can play with a random partner to help improve Google Image Search's results.

#3: Only Return Images Matching Specified Usage Rights
Only return images in a Google Image Search that are labeled for specific types of reuse.

#4: Limit Searches to a Particular Domain
Only show matching images from Google Image Search that are hosted on a specified website.

#5: Search for Images by Color
Limit your image searches to photos and other pictures mostly containing a given color.

#6: Search for Images By Exact Size
Limit your Google Image Searches to images matching an exact size.

#7: Search for Similar Images
Use an experimental Google tool to search for images similar to one another.

#8: Search for Images in Various Sizes
Filter your image searches in Google to either small or large images.

#9: Find Faces Across the Web
Display faces related to your Google Image Search queries.

#10: Image Search - Filter More Inappropriate Images
Increase Google's SafeSearch level and remove more potentially inappropriate images.

#11: Take a Virtual Tour of the World
View photos of the world without leaving your chair with Google.

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