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Google search engine help and tips. Searching the Internet using Google, Google special features, image search, news search, and more.

#1: Automatically Open Results in a New Tab or Window
Save time browsing Google results by opening websites in a new tab or window, keeping the search results visible.

#2: Look for Stock Quotes and Charts
Search for stock quotes, charts, and related company news and information using the Google search engine.

#3: Google Talking Like Elmer Fudd
Make Google look like your favorite cartoon character wrote it.

#4: Reverse Phone Number Lookup Alternatives
A list of services you can use to attempt to reverse lookup a business or person by their phone number.

#5: View the Hottest Search Trends
View what Google considers to be the fastest rising search trends in the USA, complete with related photos and news articles.

#6: View Google Holiday Logos and Other Doodles
View the Doodles Google has placed at one time on their home page.

#7: Track Earthquake Epicenters Via a Google Search
Display the magnitudes and locations of recent earthquakes worldwide by performing a search with Google.

#8: Visualize Population, Unemployment, Health, Other Data
The Google Public Data Explorer offers ways to visualize huge amounts of data and present it on web pages.

#9: Display Weather Reports
Will it rain? Snow? Or are sunny days predicted? Display weather reports for the U.S. and selected cities around the world from within the Google search engine.

#10: Check Global Flu Trends
Use Google's technology to predict when the flu will spread in the USA and several countries around the world.

#11: Translate Web Pages, Text, or Documents Between 51 Languages
Translate web pages, blocks of text, and documents using the Google Translate tool.

#12: 10 Days in Google Books Game
Play the 10 Days in Google Books game from July 27 to August 5, 2009 for a chance to win a Sony Reader.

#13: What Time is it for a City, State, Country?
Quickly answer the question "what time is it?" for many cities via a Google Search.

#14: Display Population or Unemployment Rates for USA States or Counties
Google provides quick access to population and unemployment data for USA states and counties.

#15: Persian (Farsi) Translation - Alpha
Google has added an Alpha version of Persian (Farsi) support to Google Translate.

#16: View Related Pages
View pages Google deems to be related to your favorite website.

#17: Save Time, Open Results in a New Window
Save time researching Google search engine results by opening web pages in new browser windows.

#18: Localized Search
Find local area businesses with Google without resorting to your phone book.

#19: Google as a Calculator
Calculate mathematical functions or convert measurements using the Google search engine.

#20: Search For Books
Read excerpts of selected books with the Google search engine.

#21: Search for Pages Containing Specific Titles
Narrow your Google search down to pages containing specific title text.

#22: Feeling Lucky?
View Google's top-matching search result with the click of a button.

#23: Let Google Suggest Words to Help Your Queries
Google can suggest words that may save you typing when entering search queries.

#24: Searching the Internet with the Google Search Engine
Access the Google search engine to search the Internet.

#25: Define Words Using Multiple Dictionaries
Use Google's dictionary feature to find multiple definitions for a word.

#26: Search US Government and Military Websites
Research information in US government and military websites with Google.

#27: Ignore Words Can Clarify Searches
Google searches going astray? Consider using ignore, or stop, words.

#28: Perform Currency Conversion Queries
Convert between different monetary systems such as the dollar, euro, pound, and yen with Google.

#29: Area Code Search
Find out what city represents a particular area code with Google.

#30: Movie Reviews and Showtimes
Find out when a movie is playing at your local theater with Google.

#31: Search for one Word/Phrase OR Another
Use Google's OR operator to search for websites containing one of a selection of phrases.

#32: Search for Only Word or PDF Documents
Search for Word and Adobe documents with ease using Google.

#33: Synonym Search
Use Google's built-in dictionary to search for webpages containing synonyms to your search query.

#34: Use Quotes to Search for Phrases
Force Google to treat your search query as an exact phrase as it searches the Internet.

#35: Search for Pages in Specific Languages
Limit your Google searches to webpages in different languages.

#36: Igpay Atinlay (Pig Latin)
If Google is just too easy to understand in English, consider searching in Pig Latin.

#37: USA Airline Flight Information and Airport Weather
Find out if your airplane will arrive or depart on time using the Google search engine.

#38: Google for Star Trek Fans
Display Google's interface using your favorite science-fiction character.

#39: Restrict Searches to Schools, Colleges, and Scholarly Institutions
Remove commercial websites from your Google search results.

#40: Search for a Range of Numbers
Query Google for prices and items within a numerical range.

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