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Another iGoogle Pet : A Virtual Hamster

SUMMARY: Watch your virtual hamster eat, drink, follow your mouse pointer, and run on his wheel.

There are many virtual pets you can play with on your iGoogle page such as turtles, or fish. To add to this list, gadget creator Adam Bowman has created a virtual hamster.

Your hamster will follow your mouse pointer around while in the gadget box, occasionally take a drink, and jog on its hamster wheel. Click on the center spoke of the wheel to encourage it to jog, and click elsewhere in the gadget box to drop "food" for it to eat. If you don't play with your hamster, eventually it may doze off for awhile - just move your mouse pointer in the box and it will wake up.

Click the down-pointed arrow at the top of the gadget and choose "Edit settings" to edit the gadget's name as well as the colors for the gadget box, hamster, water, food, and wheel. You can even change the colors of your hamster's ear, snout, eyes, feet, and tail.

* Hamster gadget for iGoogle

Most gadgets were written by third-party developers. Thus their availability, features, and screenshots are subject to change.

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