Prevent HijackThis From Changing Your Home Page

SUMMARY: Do you have a home page in Internet Explorer that HijackThis wants to change? Consider this tweak.

By default, when HijackThis scans your machine and finds the current Internet Explorer home page, it compares it with "about:blank", a blank web page. If the current home page is not a blank page, HijackThis attempts to fix the problem.

This attempts to fix home page hijacking done by spyware and adware. However, if you prefer your home page to be another site, such as Yahoo.com, CNN.com, or MalekTips.com, HijackThis scans will display those home pages in the scan results. If you accidentally 'fix' the home page, you will have to go back to Internet Explorer's configuration to reset the home page from the blank page to the page you desire. And yes, if you re-scan your system with HijackThis, your home page will show up again in the scan results.

To keep this from happening, you can configure HijackThis so it knows what you wish your default home page to be.

1. Start HijackThis. If the "New users quickstart" screen appears, click "None of the above, just start the program".

2. Click the "Config" button.

3. When the "Configuration" screen appears, click the "Main" button if it is not already highlighted.

4. Next to "Default Start Page", enter in your desired Internet Explorer home page.

5. Close and restart HijackThis. When you perform a scan, your Internet Explorer home page, if it exactly matches what you entered in HijackThis, should not appear during a scan.

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