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HijackThis is a powerful utility that can help determine whether or not browser hijackers have infected your machine. It can also remove such spyware and adware.

#1: Download HijackThis to Help Determine if Malware is On Your Machine
HijackThis is a powerful utility that can help determine if you have spyware, adware, or other malware on your machine.

#2: Create a Logfile
Create a log file of possible malware with HijackThis so professionals can analyze the results.

#3: Delete a Suspicious File When Your System Reboots
Having trouble removing a file related to adware/spyware from your system? HijackThis may help.

#4: Stop Confirmation Dialogs When Fixing or Ignoring Items
Expert users - keep annoying dialogs from appearing whenever you fix or ignore items in HijackThis.

#5: Prevent HijackThis From Changing Your Home Page
Do you have a home page in Internet Explorer that HijackThis wants to change? Consider this tweak.

#6: What if I want to Fix Items?
If you know what you're doing, HijackThis can remove registry, startup, browser helper objects, and other entries related to malware.

#7: Scan Your Ignore List After Updating HijackThis
When upgrading to new versions of HijackThis, you may wish to clear your old ignore list to avoid duplicate items.

#8: View and Delete Items HijackThis Ignores During Scans
Modify the list of items you have told HijackThis to ignore during system scans.

#9: Be Careful Where you Download HijackThis
Make sure you download HijackThis from the source.

#10: View a Process Manager
View the list of running processes on your machine and export the information to a text file.

#11: Download Updates to HijackThis
Keep HijackThis up-to-date to better fight against malware.

#12: Calculate MD5 Checksums
Help determine if files listed in HijackThis results are actually what they report themselves to be.

#13: Log Analysis
The following websites provide automated and community-based HijackThis log file analysis.

#14: Edit your Hosts File
HijackThis includes a Hosts file editor that can help prevent your web browser from being re-routed to undesirable websites.

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