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Tips regarding iGoogle, Google's customizable home page. Topics include interesting gadgets to install, changing themes, and displaying a showcase of iGoogle pages used by celebrities.

#1: Search by US Area Code, Zip Code, and Reverse Search
The Area / Zip Code lookup gadget lets you perform a variety of searches involving US area and zip codes, including reverse searches.

#2: iGoogle: Eek! A Spider!
Add a customizable spider that crawls around a section of your iGoogle page.

#3: Things to Ponder
Get thinking with the "Things to Ponder" gadget.

#4: Add Some Culture with an Art Gadget
The Art of the Day iGoogle Gadget shows a variety of works of art from Cubism to Realism.

#5: Browse Over 200 Comic Strips
Create your own virtual funny pages on your iGoogle Page with comics such as Broom Hilda, Garfield, Non Sequitur, and Wizard of Id.

#6: Your Own Virtual Sheep
Become a virtual shepherd on your iGoogle page with "Virtual Pet Shaun".

#7: Query Multiple Research Sources via iGoogle
The Dictionary gadget for iGoogle lets you query search engines, dictionaries, Wikipedia, and more.

#8: Your Own Virtual Pet Bat
Feed insects to a flying virtual pet bat on your iGoogle page.

#9: Test Your English Language Knowledge with Synonym Game
Have fun testing your knowledge of synonyms with the "Match Up" gadget for iGoogle.

#10: Display Urban Legends, Even About Thanksgiving
Display some of the most recently added urban legends from Snopes on your iGoogle page.

#11: Play a Space Invaders Clone
Blast invading aliens and UFOs from the comfort of your iGoogle page.

#12: A Panda as Your Virtual Pet
Add a bamboo-chomping panda to your iGoogle page.

#13: Track Celebrity Use of Personalized iGoogle Pages
See how famous people such as Dave Matthews, Martha Stewart, and Donald Trump are personalizing their iGoogle homepages.

#14: Play the Original Bejeweled on your iGoogle Page
Enjoy the classic Match-3 game Bejeweled directly on your iGoogle page.

#15: Match the Falling Colored Balls in an iGoogle Game
Clear matching colored balls in Trio before they reach the top of the screen.

#16: Cute Puppy Photos on your iGoogle Page
Display Happy Puppy photos on iGoogle to help brighten up your day.

#17: Add a Fly Eating Tree Frog
Customize a tree frog and watch it go after flies in this iGoogle gadget.

#18: Daily Recipes and a Food Related Blog
The Epicurious gadget displays a daily recipe on your iGoogle page, news items from a food-related blog, and a recipe search box.

#19: News from the BBC
Display headlines and snippets of news stories from the BBC.

#20: D'oh! Another Quote of the Day Gadget
Add a quote from Homer Simpson or another Simpsons character to your iGoogle page.

#21: Don't Poke the Penguin
You poke the penguin at your own risk...

#22: View a Daily Literary Quote
Start your day on iGoogle with a quote from a literary figure.

#23: Ruffy the Virtual Pet Puppy
Give Ruffy some treats or a blue ball to play with on your iGoogle page.

#24: Work Your Brain with this iGoogle Gadget
Help keep your brain in shape by solving math equations as fast as possible with the "Brain Tuner" gadget for iGoogle.

#25: Read a Daily Quote from Albert Einstein
Read Einstein's thoughts on happiness, science, knowledge, and more on your iGoogle page.

#26: Enjoy a Fast Air Hockey Game
Play lightning-quick air hockey on your iGoogle page.

#27: Another iGoogle Pet : A Virtual Hamster
Watch your virtual hamster eat, drink, follow your mouse pointer, and run on his wheel.

#28: A Little Bit of Truthiness on your iGoogle Page with Stephen Colbert Quotes
Display a daily quote from Stephen Colbert on your iGoogle page.

#29: Display Funny Photographs of Cats on Your iGoogle Page
Funny photos of cats on your iGoogle page - if you're a cat lover, need I say more?

#30: Climb Logs, Stones, Even Tractors in the Stunt Dirt Bike Game
Navigate obstacles as you race to the finish in your bike or ATV with the Stunt Dirt Bike gadget for iGoogle.

#31: Gadgets Go Social with Multiplayer Scrabble, Sharing Photos with Friends, and More
Several iGoogle gadgets support social interactive features where information can be shared with others.

#32: Display Sports News from ESPN: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more
Display a variety of sports news from ESPN on your iGoogle page, including a category of your choosing.

#33: Display Info for Movies in Theatres, Upcoming Movies, and Movies on DVD
The Flixster Movies gadget for iGoogle displays information, trailers, and reviews for movies in the theatre and on DVD.

#34: Play a Game of Matching Colored Blocks with ColorJunction
Try to clear the board of matching pieces in the ColorJunction game for your iGoogle page.

#35: Theme Your iGoogle Page with Iron Man, Nancy, Peanuts, Ziggy, and Others
Theme your iGoogle page with one of over 50 comics.

#36: Adopt a Virtual Monkey
Have a swinging good time with the monkey virtual pet gadget for iGoogle.

#37: Keep up with Scores with the MLB Baseball Scoreboard Gadget
Display the scores of in-progress MLB games with the MLB Baseball Scoreboard gadget for iGoogle.

#38: Play with Turtles
Play with and feed virtual turtles on your iGoogle page.

#39: Look up IP Addresses
Look up information about an IP address on your iGoogle page, displaying the host name.

#40: Live Aquarium from Tropical PC Solutions
View fish in this virtual aquarium for iGoogle.

#41: Feed Some Virtual Fish
Don't want to purchase an aquarium and pay for the upkeep? Feed virtual fish on your iGoogle homepage.

#42: LabPixies Calculator with Skins Support
Need to perform some basic math? Do so in style with the LabPixies Calculator for iGoogle.

#43: Hop Around with a Clone of Frogger
Jump across the street and river to find your way home in this clone of Frogger for your iGoogle page.

#44: English to Yoda Translator
Translate English to Yoda-Speak with this translator for your iGoogle page.

#45: Convert Between Currencies
Convert between the Dollar, Euro, Yen, Yuan, and other currencies with this gadget for iGoogle.

#46: Play a Clone of PacMan
Time for some ghost-chomping fun with a clone of PacMan you can play on your iGoogle page.

#47: Display the Current Phase of the Moon
Display a graphic with the current moon phase on your iGoogle page.

#48: Nature Themes for Personalized iGoogle Pages
Theme your iGoogle homepage with nature-related images including songbirds, the ocean, and birds of prey.

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