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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

View Webpages in Full Screen or Kiosk Mode

SUMMARY: View webpages in full screen mode without any toolbars, menu bar, or the Command Bar in Internet Explorer 8. Or open a webpage in kiosk mode.

Are you running Internet Explorer 8 on a computer with a small monitor, such as a netbook, and need more room to display the current webpage? Want to temporarily disable the menu bar, tab bar, and Command bar?

You can enable full screen mode when viewing webpages with Internet Explorer, or activate a kiosk mode when starting the browser to open the home page or a preselected page.

Toggle full screen mode:


* Click the "Tools" button, selecting "Full Screen".

Enabling full screen mode in Internet Explorer 8

* Select from the menu bar: "View" - "Full Screen".

* Press the F11 key

Most on-screen elements will disappear. When in full screen mode, move your mouse pointer to the top of the screen to view the menu bar, toolbars, Command bar, etc.

Note that the status bar does not disappear. To do this, select "View" - "Toolbars" - "Status Bar", or click the "Tools" button, selecting "Toolbars" - "Status Bar".

Disabling the Status Bar in Internet Explorer 8

Kiosk mode:

To enable kiosk mode and disable on-screen elements during the session, start Internet Explorer in the following fashion.

1. Click the Start button.

2. If using Windows XP, select "Run".

3. Type the following, then press Enter:

iexplore -k WEBSITE

Replace WEBSITE with the site URL you want to start, or leave this blank to open the home page in Kiosk mode.

For example, the following opens MalekTips with Internet Explorer 8 in Kiosk mode:

iexplore -k malektips.com

Kiosk mode by itself is not meant to be used in a secure environment. Click the Windows button and the Windows Taskbar appears. Internet Explorer 8's right-click menu is still available. Users can access add-ons. The Developer Tools can be loaded by pressing F12. Attempting to lock down a computer with Internet Explorer 8 in kiosk mode requires registry edits or Group Policy changes.

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