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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Change Headers and Footers when Printing Web Pages

SUMMARY: Add the time, date, or even your name to printed web page headers and footers from Internet Explorer 8.

By default, when printing webpages from Internet Explorer 8, the hard copies have a header containing the page title and page # of total pages. Footers containing the web address URL and date in a short format are printed as well.

If you print many pages, you may want more information on the printouts including the time. If you share a network printer, perhaps you may want to label printouts with your name in the header or footer as well. To make these changes, do the following:

1. Access the Page Setup dialog box. If the menu bar is visible, you can select "File" - "Page Setup". If the Command Bar is visible, click the printer button and select "Page Setup" from the pop-down menu. If neither are visible, press Alt+F then U.

2. The "Page Setup" dialog box appears. Underneath "Headers and Footers", you should see two columns - "Header:" and "Footer:".

The first pull-down underneath each column contains text that will appear on the left side, the second pull-down contains text that will appear in the middle, and the third pull-down contains text that will appear on the right side. Options include:

* -Empty-
* Title
* Page number
* Page # of total pages
* Total Pages
* Date in short format
* Date in long format
* Time
* Time in 24hr format
* Custom

Adjusting headers and footers Internet Explorer 8 adds to printed webpages

If you choose "Custom", you can enter your own text to appear in the header or footer at the selected location, such as your name.

You can also add page titles, dates, times, etc. inside the custom header or footer by using the following:

&w: Title
&u: URL
&p: Page number
Page &p of &P: Page number of total pages
&P: Total Pages
&d: Date in short format
&D: Date in long format
&t: Time
&T: Time in 24hr format
&&: Single ampersand

For example, the following custom header or footer would print "John Doe" followed by the page title:

John Doe &w

3. When done, click "OK" on the dialog box to close it.

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