Windows Internet Explorer 9

Get a List of All Links From a Webpage

SUMMARY: Find a web page with a lot of useful links and want to display just the list of them with no added fluff? Display a Link Report from Windows Internet Explorer 9.

While browsing the web in Windows Internet Explorer 9 have you come across a webpage with a lot of related links you want to explore?

Stop manually scouring the page for all of its links. Create a link report and get the links, and only the links, from a given webpage, useful for future research.

A report of links contained within Wikipedia's webpage on the San Antonio Spurs

1. Press F12 to open the Developer Tools. Don't worry - we won't be modifying HTML here :)

2. The Developer Tools will open at the bottom of the browser window, taking up part of the room where the webpage was shown. Select "View" - "Link Report".

Viewing a link report in Windows Internet Explorer 9

3. Wait a few seconds for the report to be generated - for larger webpages, this may take a while. When done, the report will open in a new tab. You can then close the Developer Tools by clicking the "X" next to the tools menu. If desired, save the report for later research by pressing CTRL + S.

Links generated dynamically by scripts or inside plugins such as Flash may not be included in this report.

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