Windows Internet Explorer 9

Allow Different Zoom Levels and Text Sizes

SUMMARY: Internet Explorer 9 keeps your current zoom level and text size when opening up new tabs or windows. If you prefer to have different settings, make this tweak.

To make it easier to read small text or view intricate pictures inside Windows Internet Explorer 9, especially useful for some older users, you can adjust the zoom level and / or text size. For example, pressing Ctrl+Shift++ zooms in (hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and + keys), pressing Ctrl+Shift+- (hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and - keys) zooms out, or Ctrl+Shift+0 (hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and zero) resets to the default zoom (100%).

When you make such a change, Internet Explorer 9 assumes that you want to keep these settings whenever opening a new tab or window. This way if you have difficulty reading web pages and always need Internet Explorer to zoom in, you will not have to do so manually each time.

However, some users may only occasionally zoom in on a webpage. After doing so and opening a new tab or window, they may find it annoying that the new webpage keeps the old page's settings. To change Internet Explorer 9's default behavior:

1. Press Alt+T then O to access Internet Explorer's options. You may optionally use the Menu Bar, or click the gears ("Tools") icon, then choose "Internet options".

Accessing Internet Options via Internet Explorer 9

2. The "Internet Options" dialog box appears. Click the "Advanced" tab.

3. Underneath "Accessibility", check "Reset text size to medium for new windows and tabs" and/or "Reset zoom level for new windows and tabs" as needed.

Forcing Internet Explorer 9 to reset the text size and zoom level when opening a new window or tab

4. Click "OK" to save your settings.

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