Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Define Highlighted Words with the Wiktionary Project

SUMMARY: Use the volunteer-created Wiktionary as an alternative source to define words with an Internet Explorer 8 accelerator.

Wiktionary is a free, multi-lingual dictionary. Similar to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, Wiktionary is written by volunteers, and may contain slang and other words not found in other dictionaries. Through an Internet Explorer 8 accelerator, you can define highlighted words with this tool with just a couple of clicks.

1. From Internet Explorer, visit the following URL:

2. Click the "Add to Internet Explorer" button.

Adding the "Define with Wiktionary" Accelerator to Internet Explorer 8

3. Confirm the Accelerator information is correct. If you want this to be the default Accelerator for the "Define" category, meaning you do not have to go through a second step of accessing an "All Accelerators" submenu, click the "Make this my default provider for this Accelerator Category" box. Then click the "Add" button.

Confirming adding the "Define with Wiktionary" Accelerator

Now when you visit a webpage containing a word you want to define, highlight the text with your mouse. Click the Blue accelerator button, then "Define with Wiktionary". Note that if you did not make this the default accelerator for the category, you'll need to first select "All Accelerators", then "Define with Wiktionary".

Wiktionary will appear in a new tab. Note that you can also hover your mouse over the "Define with Wiktionary" menu option to view a snapshot of the results without leaving the current page. However, the screenshot does not have enough room to store the whole definition.

Accessing the "Define with Wiktionary" Accelerator

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