Internet Explorer 6 Favorites Help and Tips

Organizing and using the Internet Explorer 6 Favorites menu.

#1: Print a Favorite Without Visiting the Page
Print Favorite webpages without actually visiting them in your Internet Explorer 6 browser first.

#2: Just Show the Frequent Favorites
Make it easier to access your most popular favorites with Internet Explorer 6.

#3: Change a Favorite's Icon
Change the icon that represents a Favorite website in Internet Explorer.

#4: Create a Favorite Shortcut on your Desktop
Visit a Favorite straight from your Desktop using Internet Explorer 6.

#5: Modify Favorites with the Explorer
Organize Internet Explorer Favorites with a familiar Explorer interface.

#6: Quickly Rename a Favorite
Rename your Internet Explorer 6 Favorites without using the "Organize Favorites" dialog box.

#7: Print a List of Favorites
Print out a list of your favorite URLs from Internet Explorer without using any add-on tools.

#8: Delete a Favorite
Quickly remove an Internet Explorer 6 Favorite without navigating the Organize Favorites dialog box.

#9: Export Favorites to Another Computer
Want to keep your Internet Explorer 6 Favorites when installing a new computer or want to share your Favorites with others? Here are three options.

#10: Sort Your Favorites
View your Internet Explorer 6 Favorites in alphabetical order.

#11: Disable or Enable the Favorites Menu
Enable your Internet Explorer Favorites menu if it has been accidentally disabled, or disable it for work machines where you don't want employees to save their links.

#12: Add a Favorite to Your Quick Launch Bar
Make a Favorite website easier to access by creating a shortcut on the Windows Quick Launch Bar.

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