Internet Explorer 7 Misc

View Your Browsing History

SUMMARY: Display a list of the websites you've recently visited with Internet Explorer 7.

By default, Internet Explorer 7 keeps tracks of the most-recent websites you have visited. This way, you can easily return to a website you have recently visited even if you forgot its web address.

Screenshot of Internet Explorer 7 viewing the history.

To view the browsing history, either:

1. Press CONTROL-H


2. Click on the Star to the left of your website tabs and click "History" on the pop-up that follows.

* Expand or collapse history items:

Click on one of the calendar icons such as "Today", "Last Week", or "2 Weeks Ago". History items are then sorted by website. Click on one of the yellow icons to see what pages you visited at a particular site.

* Visit a website listed in the history

Click on a website link to open it in Internet Explorer 7. If you right-click the link instead, you can open the History website in a new window or in a new tab. Plus you'll have access to "Properties" information that let you see how many times you have visited a particular site.

Sort historical items by date, site, times most visited, or by order visited today

Click on the down-arrow next to "History" to bring up the list of sorting options, then make your selection to resort your History items.

* To keep your history items always available

When you visit a website listed in your history, the list of history items will disappear. To keep it onscreen at all times, click the icon with the left-pointing arrow that you will see to the right of the "History" text. This will "pin" your History items to your Internet Explorer window.

* Clear your website browsing history

* Partially Disable your website browsing history for privacy

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