Internet Explorer 7 Misc

View Websites in Full Screen Mode

SUMMARY: View websites in Internet Explorer 7 using the full screen, hiding menu bars, toolbars, and the Windows Taskbar.

Tired of your Windows Taskbar as well as toolbars, menus, and other buttons cluttering up your viewing of websites in Internet Explorer 7? Here are a couple of simple steps to enable a full-screen mode where only the website should be visible onscreen.

First, access a website in Internet Explorer 7.

Second, disable the status bar if it is visible.

1. Press the "ALT" key to open the menu bar if it is not already visible.

2. Select "View" - "Status Bar".

Third, enable full-screen mode.


* Open the menu bar and select "View" - "Full Screen"


* Press ALT-Enter.


1. Moving your mouse to the top of the full-screen view opens up the Internet Explorer 7 standard controls so you can visit other websites.

2. Press ALT-Enter to return to window view.

3. If you are using multiple monitors, the Internet Explorer 7 full screen view should only cover the current monitor. This way you can perform other tasks on one monitor and use the other solely for browsing websites.

Alternatively, you can start Internet Explorer 7 in a full-screen kiosk mode.

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