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Internet Explorer 7 Misc
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A cornucopia of tips for the Internet Explorer 7 web browser, including shortcuts, privacy tips, and configuration options.

#1: Partially Disable Website Browsing History for Privacy
Partially disable the history list of previously-viewed websites in Internet Explorer 7.

#2: Enable or Disable Website AutoComplete
Tired of Internet Explorer 7 automatically filling in web addresses as you type? Or do you wish to enable this feature?

#3: Make Internet Explorer the Default Browser
Configure your computer to run Internet Explorer when applications need to access webpages.

#4: Prevent Automatic Image Resizing
Keep Internet Explorer 7 from automatically resizing large images.

#5: Prevent Storing User Names and Passwords
Prevent Internet Explorer 7 from storing user names and passwords entered into webpages, and delete passwords already stored.

#6: Toggle Printing Background Colors and Images
Toggle whether Internet Explorer 7 should print webpage backgrounds and colors.

#7: Move Temporary Internet Files Folder
Choose a different folder to use when storing Internet Explorer 7's Temporary Internet Files.

#8: Toggle Smooth Scrolling
Turn Internet Explorer 7's smooth scrolling on or off.

#9: Send a Link to the Current Web Page via E-Mail
Found an interesting website? Let your friends know via e-mail.

#10: Find Text in the Current Page
Search for desired text in the current webpage. Also perform case-sensitive and whole word only searches.

#11: Change Cache Size
Alter the amount of room Internet Explorer 7 can use to store Temporary Internet Files.

#12: Stop Underlining Hyperlinks
Internet Explorer underlines hyperlinks by default. Learn how to change this setting.

#13: Stop Pop-up Blocker Notifications
Stop playing sounds and displaying an Information Bar whenever pop-up windows are trapped by Internet Explorer.

#14: Webpage Text Appears Jagged
If text contained in browsed pages inside Internet Explorer 7 appears jagged, try this tweak.

#15: Enable or Disable All Browser Extensions
Configure whether or not to use browser extensions in Internet Explorer 7.

#16: View Websites in Full Screen Mode
View websites in Internet Explorer 7 using the full screen, hiding menu bars, toolbars, and the Windows Taskbar.

#17: Disable Friendly Error Messages
Internet Explorer 7 hides detailed error messages when browsing websites. If necessary or desired, these can be disabled.

#18: Increase Accessibility by Ignoring a Website's Design
Having trouble browsing webpages in Internet Explorer 7 because you cannot read the text? Accessibility options may help.

#19: View Your Browsing History
Display a list of the websites you've recently visited with Internet Explorer 7.

#20: Toggle Saving Encrypted Pages to Disk
Toggle whether or not https pages can be saved to disk for future reference by Internet Explorer 7.

#21: Sort Your Favorites
View your Internet Explorer 7 Favorites in alphabetical order.

#22: Toggle Resetting the Zoom Level to 100%
Configure whether or not Internet Explorer 7 should reset the zoom level on new windows and tabs.

#23: Change the Default Search Provider to Google or Another Search Engine
Configure Internet Explorer 7 to use a different default search engine such as Ask, Google, or Yahoo.

#24: Clear Your Website Browsing History
For privacy, temporarily clear your history list of websites visited with Internet Explorer 7.

#25: Change How Links from Other Programs Are Opened
Configure in Internet Explorer if links from other applications are opened in tabs or new windows.

#26: Enable or Disable Pictures
Configure Internet Explorer 7 to either display pictures or save time browsing the web by hiding graphics.

#27: Fool Websites Into Believing You're Running Internet Explorer 6
If a website doesn't recognize Internet Explorer 7, make it believe you're actually running Internet Explorer 6.

#28: Enable/Disable Access to Internet Options Menu
Enable or Disable access to Internet Explorer 7's "Tools" - "Internet Options" menu.

#29: Change the Text Size
Make webpages viewed with Internet Explorer 7 easier to read.

#30: Switch Page Layout to Landscape
Print web pages from Internet Explorer 7 in landscape mode.

#31: Stop Typing http://www. and .com in Web Addresses
There's no need to type in full web addresses into Internet Explorer 7 with this keyboard shortcut.

#32: Start Internet Explorer 7 in Kiosk Mode
Automatically open a website in kiosk mode inside Internet Explorer 7 from the "Start" menu or via a shortcut.

#33: Home Page / Search Function Changes Unexpectedly
Has your home page or search provider changed in Internet Explorer 7?

#34: Toggle Playing Sounds When RSS Feeds Are Found
Toggle whether Internet Explorer 7 plays a sound when it finds feeds related to the current webpage.

#35: Clear the Temporary Internet Files Folder on Browser Close
For privacy, clear Internet Explorer 7's cache.

#36: Toggle Resetting the Text Size on New Tabs and Windows
Toggle whether or not Internet Explorer 7 should reset the text size of webpages to the default.

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