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Help with the basics of using the Internet, including definitions, using search engines, newsgroups, and more.

#1: The Dangers of Searching for Jessica Biel, Tom Brady, Angeline Jolie, and Others
A reminder that seemingly-innocent Internet searches can have disastrous consequences.

#2: What Software Uses a Particular Port?
View a list of software packages that access assigned Internet ports.

#3: Why Security Questions Can Be Bad News
Many online services require security questions as well as passwords when creating accounts - read how these can actually reduce your security.

#4: Always, Always Scan Downloads!

#5: Searching By Asking Questions

#6: Search USENET for Articles

#7: What Are Cookies?

#8: Take Advantage of Multiple Windows When Surfing
Stop jumping back and forth between index pages by using several browser windows.

#9: Looking for Someone?

#10: Read Search Engine Help Pages

#11: Bookmark A Search

#12: Smileys

#13: Don't Crosspost too Much on Newsgroups

#14: Try Another Search Engine

#15: Broken Images on Web Pages


#17: Sometimes It's Best to be Impatient for Web Browsers

#18: What is an Url?
Just what exactly does the term URL mean regarding the Internet?

#19: Why Use One Search Engine When You Can Use Several?

#20: .HTM and .HTML

#21: Looking for Someone?
A couple of websites you can search to help find a long-lost friend.

#22: Power Searching

#23: Find Another ISP?

#24: Internet Basics - Abbreviations When Chatting
If you participate in chat rooms on the Internet, you are bound to run upon abbreviated text with which you may be unfamiliar. Here are some widely-used abbreviations and what they stand for.

#25: Having Problems Accessing a Website?

#26: Find Domain Name Owners

#27: In USENET, Read the FAQ

#28: URLs are Case Sensitive

#29: Web Searching - Advanced Boolean

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