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Reverse Phone Number Lookup Alternatives

SUMMARY: A list of services you can use to attempt to reverse lookup a business or person by their phone number.

Did you write down a phone number and forget for whom it was for? Receive a phone call and don't recognize the number on Caller ID? While typing a phone number into Google sometimes results in useful web results, the ability to directly query white and yellow page results just by typing in a phone number has been removed.

However, various Internet services still offer reverse number lookup, each with varying results. While these may work for persons and businesses that can be found in the phone book, you may not have much luck finding telemarketers. Nevertheless, a list of a few services is below:

* 411
* AnyWho
* Spokeo
* WhitePages

Note that at the time this tip was written, Yahoo! Search still supports reverse phone number search directly from the search box, with results from a search sponsor Intelius.

The above services are listed for informational purposes only and results may vary. Note that some websites offer 'premium' or 'extended' search services that cost extra .

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